Connecting Healthcare Professionals and Data Scientists in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


Medical data is abundant and may be used to benefit the health of future patients. This comes with significant technical, administrative, legal and organisational challenges. Most importantly, doctors and data scientists do not always understand each other very well. Or they do not know each other at all. We intend to change that to improve medical data science and patient care.

Networking events

Amsterdam Medical Data Science is organizing frequent meetups, including the famous Data and Pizza meetings. An excellent opportunity to learn, meet and connect doctors and data scientists. Over 1900 medical data enthousiasts have joined our movement! Please join us if you like data, pizza or both. We will discuss everything medical data science. In addition, we regularly host special meetings in collaboration with our partners.

Data sharing initiatives

Amsterdam Medical Data Science is also proud to host AmsterdamUMCdb, the first freely accessible European Intensive Care database as well as the Dutch Datawarehouse against COVID-19. An excellent opportunity for doctors and data scientists to use their skills for the benefit of future patients.

Support and Funding

Amsterdam Medical Data Science is supported by the Right Data Right Now Consortium which includes Amsterdam UMC, OLVG, Vrije Universiteit, PacMed, and Amsterdam Economic Board and is funded by AmsterdamUMC, VU University Amsterdam, and Amsterdam Economic Board.

AMDS Leadership

Paul Elbers, MD, PhD, EDIC

Paul Elbers, MD, PhD, EDIC


Mark Hoogendoorn, PhD

Mark Hoogendoorn, PhD

Professor Artificial Intelligence