Amsterdam UMC - Location VUmc, ICU - Room Delta

International Masterclass on Real World Data – Promises, Pitfalls and Racism

Everything medical data science. And pizza.

This is a special in person edition and masterclass featuring international star speakers Leo Celi (Harvard/MIT, Boston) and Christian Hinske (Augsburg/Munich) who will discuss the benefits of the much hyped federated learning and explain why medical artificial intelligence may be racist.

This edition features:

** How to use real world data to improve patient outcomes – Chris Sauer (Amsterdam/Essen)

** Federated learning – promise or failure? – Christian Hinske (Augsburg/Munich)

** Why medical AI is racist – Leo Celi (Boston/Harvard/MIT)

followed by discussion and networking with pizza.

  • This in-person event at Amsterdam UMC location VUmc

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