Amsterdam Economic Board

The network of organizations working on innovation for the Metropolis of Tomorrow.

The Board works with decision-makers, innovation managers and changemakers in industry, universities and government to develop the smart, green, healthy Amsterdam Metropolitan Area of the future.

Who we are

The Board is where collaboration begins. In a complex social playing field, the Board acts as an independent player between the parties, promoting cooperation between benevolent frontrunners.

The Team

The Board organization works with Board members, the Network Council members and other regional parties towards a smart, green and healthy region. We create space for new ideas and collaborate on innovations by:

  • Putting topics on the agenda that are relevant to breaking through existing ‘ways of working’;
  • Offering new and different perspectives;
  • Bringing parties together and joining forces;
  • Scaling up mature initiatives with partners, transferring them to the market or converting them into (regional) municipal policy.

Our point of departure is always the mobilisation of energy, ownership and the capacity for implementation within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.