Smart Health Amsterdam

Smart data for healthier lives

Smart Health Amsterdam (SHA) is the network for data- and AI-driven innovation in Amsterdam’s life sciences and health sector. Join us in revolutionising health and healthcare. Within Smart Health Amsterdam, organisations from the healthcare community join forces to share insights and technological advances. Together, we are transforming the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area into a leader in health innovations.

The benefits of joining Smart Health Amsterdam

The platform allows you to share what you are working on, gain exposure and learn everything you need to know to strengthen your business case and scale up your efforts.

Gain exposure

This is a place where you can promote your company and its activities – we actively generate national and international traffic to the SHA website.

Find and be found by the right partners

Do you need a machine-learning specialist? Are you seeking advice on how healthcare-related data science can help develop a system centred on personalised medicine? Or are you looking for investors, research and subsidy partners, MedTech companies or state-of-the-art data and research? The Smart Health platform brings together players from the business community, academia and public sectors.

Collaborate and grow your business case

Share insights, get in touch with other partners from the health sector and benefit from each other’s expertise.

Our community was initiated by the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Economic Board and amsterdam&partners.